The Future is Built on Arm

2023 年 12 月 01 日 | 上海场


9:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:05
Keynote Welcome

邹挺, Arm

10:05 - 10:35
Building the Future of Computing in the Age of AI, Together on Arm

Dipti Vachani, Arm

10:35 - 11:05
Smart Technology Enables a Cleaner and Greener Automotive Industry

游昌海, 黑芝麻智能科技

11:05 - 11:25
Fireside chat

Dipti Vachani, Arm

谢保军, 极氪智能科技

游昌海, 黑芝麻智能科技

11:25 - 1:00
Lunch / Booth Visit
Track Track A Track B Track C Track D
1:00 -1:30
Track A
Accelerating Smart Vision Innovations, on Arm

Stephen Su, Arm

Alex Shang, Arm China

Track B
MTE - Better Software on Arm

Geoffrey Ge, Arm China

姚平, vivo

Track C
The Road Ahead for High-Performance Automotive System-on-Chips

Andrew Hopkins, Arm

Track D
More Data, Faster Results: The Future of Acceleration in Computing Infrastructure

Mohit Taneja, Arm

1:30 -2:00
Track A
STM32持续创新, 不止于芯

刘静, 意法半导体

Track B

吴新华, 瑞昱半导体

刘永, 瑞昱半导体

Track C

陈知节, 瑞萨电子

Track D

陈敏, 台积电

2:00 -2:30
Track A
Unlocking the Potential of Rich IoT Edge with a Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Martin Bradley, Arm

Track B
Experience the future of mobile and consumer computing with Arm Total Compute Solutions

Rene Arnold, Arm

Track C
Driving the Future: Arm's Solutions for ECU Consolidation in Next-Gen Vehicles

Jerry Shu, Arm China

张志强, 上海知从科技

Track D
Shared Purpose: Collaborating to Transform the Datacentre and Beyond

Dhaval Parikh, Arm

2:30 -3:00
Track A

牛晓东, 恩智浦半导体

Track B
PUFsecurity与Arm最新的合作进展与应用介绍: PSA认证的安全子系统方案

田浩伦, 熵码科技

Track C

赖俊元, 智原科技

Track D

秦英明, 思尔芯

3:00 - 3:20
Networking / Booth Visit
3:20 -4:20
Track A
IoT Solutions for ML at the Edge

Liliya Wu, Arm China

杨瑞 Eric Yang, Arm China

Track B
The Next Decade of Arm Based PCs

林哲仲, Arm

黄卓宁, 亿欧智库

Jammy Zhou, 此芯科技

苏毓航, 统信软件

钱电生, Arm China

Track C
Virtual Prototyping for Automotive

包明飞, Arm China

Lincoln Lee, Siemens EDA

Track D
Transforming the World's Computing Infrastructure - on Arm

Mohit Taneja, Arm

4:20 -4:50
Track A
Arm Cortex-M52: Bringing AI to the Smallest IoT Devices

陈江杉, Arm China

Track B

杨磊, Arm China

Track C
Architecting Cybersecurity for Automotive – Arm Security Architecture for Next Generation Vehicular Silicon

吕达夫, Arm China

Track D
High Performance Video Processor (VPU) Supporting Datacenter Use Cases such as Transcoding and AI Inference

董峰, Arm China

4:50 - 5:10
Lucky Draw / Close