Partner Session 1:40 PM - 2:10 PM

TSMC Open Innovation Platform Design Enablement Updates

In light of the rapid growth in four major markets driven by AI and 5G --- mobile, high-performance computing, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things --- and that customer demand is shifting from process-technology-centric to product-application-centric, TSMC has constructed four differentiated technology platforms targeting these markets. The TSMC Open Innovation Platform design infrastructure mirrors that platform architecture to provide customers with the most comprehensive and competitive logic process technologies, specialty technologies, IP, and packaging and testing technologies that shorten time-to-design and time-to-market.

The presentation will showcase innovative design solutions to solve technical and industry challenges for these four major markets. The presentation will feature high-performance, low power, reliability, and advanced node design solutions for AI, 5G, high-performance computing, mobile computing, automotive and IoT applications.